Bernina Factory Tour

Want to see inside a sewing machine factory? Then join me of this tour of the Bernina Headquarters in Switzerland, where they still make some of the Bernina sewing machines.

It was an incredible experience to see the quality and expertise that goes into these machines; some of the only sewing machines still manufactured in Europe. All of the workers we met were so passionate about their job that you couldn’t leave not loving the Bernina brand too!

Watch the video above and browse some of my favourite pictures from the trip below:


A historic photo of workers in the Bernina Factory.Vintage Bernina sewing machines.Manufacturing the Bernina Q Series Machines.Skilled worker making the Bernina Q Series machine.Each of the Bernina Q Series machines is labeled by the staff member that constructed the machine; using a one-piece flow method.Bernina sewing machine parts ready to be assembled.Bernina 8 Series Hook testing. Bernina worker testing the B880 125 Years limited edition sewing machine.

Bernina 125 Years limited edition gold presser feet presentation box.

Bernina 125 Years limited edition gold presser feet being made.