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My Sewing Machine Journey


Join me in this chatty video, grab a cup of tea and learn all about my Sewing Machine Journey. I chat about the sewing machines that I have used (or o...

Sewing Machines Under £350


It can be tricky to choose a new sewing machine, so I visited a local dealer, Steve at Bredons, Somerset, UK ( I asked Ste...

Podcast: Articles of Interest


I was contacted a couple of months ago by the team at 99% Invisible, regarding their new podcast, Articles of Interest. The podcast and all of the epi...

Tips: Buying a Sewing Machine


Are you looking to invest in a new sewing machine? You might be a completed beginner, embarking on a new hobby; or perhaps you are a more advanced sew...

Tips for Cleaning & Caring


Looking after your sewing machine is an important but often forgotten step. By cleaning, oiling and caring for your sewing machine you will prolong th...

Pattern Matching Tips


Are you struggling with pattern matching your fabric? Or just want to learn a new skill to create some stunning garments? Learn how to pattern match w...