Vilene Flexible Seam Tape

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Lightweight, bias cut, fusible woven interfacing, cut into a 5/8″ (1.5cm) strip. The Vilene Flexible Seam Tape is a soft tape cut on the bias, used to add stability to seams and hems in soft, stretch fabrics such as jersey.

We use the tape to stabilise and support hems in jersey garments. When used to stabilise the hem the tape can make the stitches appear cleaner and crisper and will help to prevent tunnelling when using a twin needle. Use on woven fabrics to stabilise areas whilst still allowing movement of the fabric, because it is cut on the bias it will not prevent stretching.

To Use
To fuse, position the rough side of the tape onto the wrong side of the fabric. Press firmly with the iron for 8 seconds to bond to the fabric, do not push. We recommend testing prior to using on the final product.

This tape is made from 100% polyamide and can be machine washed at 40 degrees, it can also be dry cleaned.

Please Note: We sell interfacing in 0.5 metre lengths. Increase the quantity to purchase the amount you require. For example 2 metres of interfacing will be 4 in the quantity box. Interfacing will be cut as a continuous length.