How To: Interline / Underline

You’ve found the perfect fabric, it’s the right colour and the print is to die for. But, it’s a silk chiffon and you want to make a structured shift dress. Is it possible to use a fabric that wouldn’t normally work and how do you achieve a professional result? The answer is interlining or underlining.

Interlining/underlining is a layer of fabric that sits between the exterior fabric and lining (lining is optional). The interlining is attached to the exterior fabric at the cutting out stage, and the two layers are then treated as one throughout the construction process.

The use of interlining doesn’t just apply to fabrics that require more body or structure, you can also use interlining to add warmth, change or supplement the colour of the fabric and simply amend the properties of the original fabric, help to prevent creasing etc.

In this video you can see tips and techniques for interlining a garment, showing two methods for attaching the interlining to the exterior fabric.
1. hand sewing, couture method
2. spray adhesive

To learn more about What Is? Interlining / Underlining, watch our short What Is? tutorial on YouTube: What Is? Interlining / Underlining.