Made to Sew Patterns

Exciting news! After months… and months of developing the new size ranges. I am pleased to announce that the Made to Sew patterns are ready to launch.

The Made to Sew patterns will be available in a size range that covers UK sizes 4 to 32 | US sizes 0 to 30 approximately. The patterns will be broken into 2 size ranges, based on different blocks, allowing the fit to work with the differences that occur between the smaller and fuller figure sizes.

Made to Sew will refer to the patterns as sizes 0-15; divided into 0-8 and 7-15. Working with numbers 0-15 will make you double check your measurements, and choose a size that works in our size range; rather than what works in a shop! We all know that a size 14 in one shop, can fit completely differently to a size 14 in another. Made to Sew size chart.

The two size ranges will overlap by 2 sizes (size 7 and 8). If you are lucky enough to fit into both size ranges, I would recommend that you read this post to help you decide which size range works best for your figure. When you purchase a Made to Sew pattern, you will get access to BOTH size ranges.

For those that have attended classes with me in the past and used my patterns, or made the original Copen pattern. The new size range 0-8 is different and drafted on a new block, working in harmony with the fuller figure size range (7-15). Please double check the size you need to make. Copen has been re-released as Copen 2.0 to help with this.

What to expect from Made to Sew patterns?

Currently, patterns are PDF download only. We are happy to look into printed patterns if there is a market for it (get in touch and let me know).

– Access to two size ranges (0-8 and 7-15), when you purchase a pattern.
– Patterns in Copy Shop format, as well as A4/US Letter print at home.
– The pattern lines are in solid colour for easy viewing.
– Pattern files are layered; this means you can choose the size/sizes you want to print. Printing fewer lines is helpful if you wish to print in black & white and generally makes the pattern easier to work with.
– Bust (bust apex), Waist, Hip (Low Hip), Bicep are marked on ALL patterns.

Example: Copen 0-8 – Copy Shop:
Example: Copen 0-8 – Copy Shop (showing the layers in action, choosing sizes 5, 6 and 7):
Finished Garment Measurements
If you ever been to one of my in-person classes, you will know that there are two things I WANT to see in a pattern:

– The Bust, Waist, Hip etc. clearly marked on the pattern
– Detailed finished garment measurements

All Made to Sew patterns will come with detailed finished garment measurements in metric and imperial. Here is an example of a page from the Copen 2.0 instruction book: Copen Finished Garment Measurement – Metric.

I have also created a PDF with more detailed approximate body measurements. This document shares information such as shoulder width, height of bust apex etc.


Instruction Book
Detailed, interactive instruction book; designed to be viewed on a tablet, computer or phone.
– You are welcome to print the book. But the files are interactive, linking to useful external resources, such as YouTube tutorials and online classes.
Clear photograph pictures, with a different right and wrong side for the fabric used.
Professional construction techniques. Helping you to take your sewing to the next level.
– Measurements in imperial (inches) and metric (cm) throughout.
– General tips, providing insight on useful rules.Pattern Help Live Stream
To top it all off, I wanted to make sure I was available to help you with your pattern; the fitting and construction. As you may know, I take the time to reply to ALL emails and comments I get on social media. But, this can become overwhelming!

So, to continue my support I have decided to offer a monthly Pattern Help live stream on Zoom. With every Made to Sew pattern you purchase, you will get access to one Pattern Help live stream for FREE. Dates and times will vary each month to work with different time zones.

I will ask for questions ahead of time, so I can tailor the session to what YOU need help with. You will have the ability to send questions and photos (useful if the question is about fit) to me, prior to the live stream.

Once you have purchased a pattern you will receive emails explaining how to sign up and ask questions for the Pattern Help live stream.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what to expect when you join Made to Sew and purchase one of our patterns.

See you in a live stream soon!
Aneka x