Make Tulle Flowers

Add a couture embellishment to a garment, create a simple corsage or add these flowers to a hat or headband. There are so many way you can use these simple flowers to decorate your garment or project. I was inspired to make these tulle flowers after watching the film Crazy Rich Asians and seeing the beautiful blue tulle dress by Marchesa.

You can use a variety of fabrics to make the flowers; I used a polyamide tulle fabric from Joel and Son Fabrics. You can also use organza, however if you want to use the technique covered in this tutorial, melting the edges of the petals, you will need to use a man-made fabric that will melt. Feel free to add other embellishments, such as beading to the centre of the flowers and feathers as petals; as seen on the Marchesa dress.

Watch a full tutorial on YouTube here: How To: Make Tulle Flowers

Start by creating circle templates, these can vary in size from 2″ (5cm) through to 7″ (18cm). The larger the circle template the larger the flower you will create. Create templates in paper or card.

Cut out circles in the fabric of your choosing.

Take a pile of circles and cut into the centre of the circle to create segments, cut approximately 5 times around the circle.

Use a cancel or flame (safely) to melt the edges of the fabric. The fabric should curl up and create petal shapes. Use tweezer or tongs to hold the fabric.

Pile up layers of the melted fabric. Start with the largest size you want to use for the flower and continue to add layers, making sure that the petal shapes are in different places.

Pin a selection of layers together. Thread a needle with a double thread; use this tutorial to prevent your thread from tangling: How To: Threading Needle With Double Thread.

Sew through the centre of the layers of fabric, sew in the same spot to create a neat finish.

Continue to add layers of fabric, changing to smaller sizes, until the flower has been built to your liking.

Add the layers to the needle and thread; sew the layers together.

At the end stitch through the centre of the back of the flower to secure everything in position.

And there you have a beautiful tulle flower; play with layering different shades or colours, different fabrics and make these flowers your own. I tend to leave the final thread attached to the fabric, so that I can use this to sew the flower onto the garment or project.