Podcast: Articles of Interest

I was contacted a couple of months ago by the team at 99% Invisible, regarding their new podcast, Articles of Interest. The podcast and all of the episodes have now launched, if you are interested and passionate about sewing and fashion, hopefully you will enjoy the series. The series is presented by Avery Trufelman and focuses on clothing, society and design, exploring the connection between the rise of casual wear and Hawaiian shirts, the environmental impacts of denim and how gender constructs gave womenswear little pocket space.

There are 6 episodes in the series focusing on; Kid’s Clothes, Plaid, Pockets, Hawaiian Shirts, Blue Jeans and Punk Style. On writing this blog post I have listened to three episodes; Plaid, Pockets and Blue Jeans, I really enjoyed the episodes and plan to listen to the others. I found the podcast to be informative, educational and for someone interested in sewing, fashion and design really interesting!

Listen Here

I was inspired to learn about the environmental impact of denim, thinking about the fabrics that I should or shouldn’t be buying, and how sewing can help me to create garments that hopefully have less of an environment impact?! I didn’t realise the amount of waste water and toxic dye that went into producing blue jeans and I was shocking to learn how many pairs of jeans an average American has, apparently it’s 7 pairs! Nowadays denim isn’t just made from cotton, fibres such as polyester, lycra, nylon are used, all of which are basically plastic. There is no knowing how these blue jeans, that we all own so many of are going to age in the future?!

The history of pockets was fascinating, why do men’s garments have lots of pockets, (in the 1940’s, they counted 24 pockets on a man’s suit) and women’s have none? This is a constant debate in my sewing classes, especially when my students are so keen to add more pockets! And I learned that tartan was banned in Scotland for 35 years.

If you are looking for a new podcast to listen to I would highly recommend this series: Listen Here.