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Made to Sew Clover Assorted Self Threading Needles

Clover Assorted Self Threading Needles


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The Clover Assorted Self Threading Needles have a built-in threader for quick and easy threading. To use, position thread in the “U” shaped groove and pull down on the thread. The needles have a gold plated eye with an unique elliptical design for easy threading; featuring a standard needle eye, as well as the self-threading needle eye. The self-threading system is perfect for tacking and/or basting, when you need to re-thread often.

Each pack includes 5 needles of assorted sizes:
0.64mm x 34.9mm – Sewing (sheer, lightweight fabrics)
0.64mm x 42.5mm – Basting (sheer, lightweight fabrics)
0.71mm x 36.5mm – Sewing (coarse, heavyweight fabrics)
0.76mm x 38.0mm – Sewing (coarse, heavyweight fabrics)
0.89mm x 42.5mm – Basting (coarse, heavyweight fabrics)

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 0.5 cm


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