Tips: Buying a Sewing Machine

Are you looking to invest in a new sewing machine? You might be a completed beginner, embarking on a new hobby; or perhaps you are a more advanced sewist looking to upgrade your machine. In my new YouTube video I share my top tips for buying a sewing machine. The things I believe you should consider and the things that I would ‘personally’ look for in a sewing machine.

Start by asking yourself three questions:
– What settings or functions do you want your new sewing machine to have? You might just need a sewing machine with a quality straight stitch. Or you might need to have a zigzag stitch, that allows for different widths and lengths (if you are sewing lingerie or swimwear). Think about your short and long term objectives. What settings do you currently use on the sewing machine, and what would you like to use moving forward?
– Cost, how much money are you willing to spend? What it your budget?
– Are you going to purchase the machine in-store or online? I have used both options in the past and been happy with the process. Purchasing a sewing machine online may save you some money, but it is important that you know what you want and have done some research before buying. When visiting a store to buy a sewing machine you get advice (I would still do some research online), and the opportunity to try out a variety of sewing machines, you may also receive some free tuition or a sewing class on how to use your machine. Depending on your requirements this could be worth paying a little extra for the machine! Another benefit to purchasing in-store, is that you know where to take the machine if you have problems.

As well as the questions you need to ask yourself, I also wanted to share the things that I would look for in a sewing machine.
– QUALITY. This first point is pretty obvious, but please choose quality over any new and exciting gimmicks. Extra stitches are a nice to have, but not a necessity. 99% of the time I want a quality straight stitch.
– Think about the weight of the sewing machine. Generally speaking heavier sewing machines and more weight goes hand-in-hand with quality.
– Needle to move from Left to Middle to Right. Personally I like my needle to be able to move all the way from left to right, as an individual function. I don’t want the needle position to be attached to a particular stitch. This freedom helps beginners when trying to sew more accurately; edgestitch, understitch, topstitching, inserting a zipper etc.
– Presser Feet; I have my favourites! Personally I prefer machines that have a standard presser foot with edges. These edges can allow you to use the presser foot to sew normally, edgestitch, understitch, topstitch etc. I also have a fondness for certain zipper feet; I prefer the zipper feet where the front and back edges are in-line. I think these are easier to use for beginners.
– Foot Pedal. Do you want an electronic or standard foot pedal. I believe the electronic foot pedal is much easier to use and control, especially for beginners. Why not visit a store and try out difference machines and foot pedals; you may find some easier than others.

I really hope these tips help you in your journey to purchase your next sewing machine. Enjoy the process!