What Is? A Facing

The term facing can be slightly confusing for a novice dressmaker. What does it mean? Where is this pattern piece going? What do I do to it? Why does it need interfacing? The questions continue…

In this short YouTube tutorial I aim to show you a few examples of facings and where you would find them.

Helpful hints about facings:
1. The facing will face your body.
2. Generally facings will be created in the same fabric as the exterior of the garment.
3. Facings will be interfaced (most of the time) to provide support, prevent stretching and to help hold the shape of the garment. The weight of interfacing and type used will depend on the fabric you are working with.
4. The facing is designed to finish and support the edge of the garment neatly. You don’t have to use a facing to finish the edge of a garment, it will depend on the design, the fabric you are working with and the personal preference of the garment wearer.