What Is? A Walking Foot

Learn more about a walking foot and when you should use it with our latest YouTube video.

What is a walking foot?
A walking foot is a bulky presser foot for the sewing machine. Most sewing machines won’t come with a walking foot, they will need to be purchased as an extra.

The walking foot has feed dogs on the bottom of the foot. These work in conjunction with the feed dogs on the metal bed of the sewing machine to pull fabric through the machine. The walking foot features a lever on the side, if you raise and lower the lever you will see the feed dogs moving.

When attaching the walking foot to the sewing machine you will need to position the lever on the side of the walking foot ON TOP of the sewing machine’s needle bar.

When should you use a walking foot?
The walking foot is a fantastic tool and a foot that I would highly recommend purchasing for your sewing machine. I personally leave the walking foot on my basic sewing machines most of the time and use it for the majority of sewing projects.

Best uses for a walking foot:
– Difficult fabric (light weight to heavy weight fabrics) e.g. silk, denim, upholstery fabric, leather, PVC, (sticky/slippy) fabric
– Bulky seams or joins in fabric
– Quilting (numerous layers of different fabrics)
– Matching plaids/stripes or seams

All of the above will be made easier with a walking foot to aid the movement of the fabric through the sewing machine and to prevent fabric slipping.

Although you can purchase a branded walking foot for your sewing machine you may find it cheaper to buy a generic from your local sewing store.