Beginners Fabric Choices

Beginners Fabric Choices

You're new to sewing and want to jump into the deep end embarking on a new and exciting project. But before you start, stop and think about your fabric choice.

What fabric should I be working with?
As a beginner you want to have positive results with your sewing projects, you don’t want to be disappointed or put-off and frustrated by working with a difficult fabric. Think about choosing fabrics that are going to have positive results and allow you to produce professional looking items.

You will want to choose woven fabrics (if you require stretch choose a woven fabric with minimal stretch). I suggest working with fabrics of medium weight and using fibres such as cotton, poly cotton, linen and lightweight upholstery fabric. These fabrics will be stable and easy to work with, allowing you to achieve professional results.

What about prints and patterns?
Sure, go for it choose a pattern. However I would recommend that you choose a random pattern (large or small print). You want something that does not require pattern matching, as this is another slightly complicated step that if completed incorrectly can ruin the look of a project. Start with patterns that don’t need matching and you won’t be upset with the finish look.

Patterns are also a great way to hide mistakes and stitching, perfect when you're a beginner. Choose a random pattern in a cotton, poly cotton fabric and get started.

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