Made to Sew Academy

Join the Made to Sew Academy and be part of our sewing community.
Connect with like minded individuals, share your latest makes and receive guidance as you progress through your online class.



£5 p. month | £55 p. year (GBP)

Join the Made to Sew Academy, get inspired and receive help and support from the Made to Sew community. Receive access to all online class forums and the open Community forum.

Access to the Academy provides you with the following benefits:

  • Ability to view and post (text and/or photos) to interact with other members
  • Invitation to ALL online class forums in the Made to Sew Academy, regardless of whether you have purchased the corresponding online class
  • Receive help and support from the Made to Sew community
  • Access the open Community forum; connect with other sewists, chat about your projects, get advice and inspiration from others
  • Support the Made to Sew YouTube channel. Receive exclusive early access to Made to Sew YouTube uploads.
  • Members of the Academy have the ability to request YouTube tutorials in the Community forum. All requests from Academy members will be prioritised
  • Cancel anytime

Academy #askaneka

£25 p. month | £250 p. year (GBP)

The Made to Sew Academy #askaneka provides personal professional guidance from Aneka and the Made to Sew team. Join Aneka for a live stream session; receive the support your individually require.

All Academy membership benefits and more:

  • Access the Made to Sew Academy, ALL online class forums and the Community forum
  • Invitation to the exclusive #askaneka forum; ask Aneka ANY sewing problems you encounter; get help with fitting, technique tips, pattern alternations etc.
  • Join Aneka for a fortnightly Live Stream and receive professional detailed answers with instructional step-by-step tutorials to your personal questions (asked in the #askaneka forum)
  • Watch previous episodes of #askaneka in your own time
  • Share questions in the online class forums and receive personalised responses from Made to Sew within 72 hours
  • Advance knowledge of new patterns, limited edition kits, in-person class dates and online classes
  • 10% discount off ALL future Made to Sew purchases
  • Cancel anytime
Made to Sew Academy - Franca Jumpsuit
Made to Sew Academy - Paxton Jacket
Made to Sew Academy - Isabelle Top & Lawson Trousers
Made to Sew Academy - Reva Dress